On July 13th, 1980, Terry Fox took his Marathon of Hope through Burlington, Ontario.

Since then Burlington has hosted a run every year. We are committed to keeping Terry’s dream alive by raising money for cancer research. Our city’s generous spirit and enthusiasm is what keeps us going.

Community Comes Together

The Terry Fox Run is a family-friendly, community-minded event. It happens annually in September.

Teaming Up for Terry

Many families, businesses and organizations put together teams to raise money for cancer research. Put together a team to push each other to reach fundraising goals!

Energetic and Emotional

Everyone has their own reasons for taking part. Our aim is to put on a fun, family-friendly event that honours the cause and educates the next generation.

Inspirational words

“It took cancer to realize that being self-centered is not the way to live. The answer is to try and help others.”

Terry Fox
Thank you Burlington!

For decades you have been inspiring us, donating your time and money and showing up to honour Terry Fox and his goal to cure cancer.

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